I visited Venice several times but every time is always like the first one: from the moment I step out of the train station up to the end of my holiday, I constantly remain amazed of the beauty of this city. Every single corner, street, canal, building and church contains a piece of history, a legend or a tradition.
Even though the city is very small and concentrated, it is practically impossible to visit it all in few days of holidays. These are some of the places I managed to visit in 5 days:

Little motor boat parked in front of a house
Little motor boat parked in front of a house

The Grand Canal

The famous Gondolas

Big Hands in the Grand Canal

Sunshine at the Arsenale di VeneziaGru all'Arsenale al tramonto

Venetian Masks

Thoughtful kid at La Biennale
Ragazzo pensieroso alla Biennale

The girl and the horse
La ragazza e il cavallo

Piazza San Marco and Palazzo Ducale

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