Game On 2.0 is an exhibition on video games that is taken place in Rome these days. It started 15 years ago in London and has then been showed in many different places around the world such as Helsinki, Chicago, Hong Kong, San Paolo, Buenos Aires and Tokyo. Now it has come to Rome. The exhibition was very interesting, there was a very wide collection of games: from the first ones ever made like Pong and Asteroids to the most recent ones that uses virtual reality technologies. The cool thing about the exhibition was that you could play to all the games, it was like paying the entrance ticket to an arcade room and playing to all the games you like with unlimited credits and for free.

The power of video games on people is incredible! Whenever I play a game I didn't played for years, it surprises how I still remember the control buttons, the levels and the tricks by heart like the time did not pass at all. It's real magic! At first, you think: "hey, I remember this game, I use to play it when..." and the minute after you are so concentrated playing it that the world around you doesn't exist anymore!

My personal favorites of the exhibition were: Super Marios Bros , Metal Slug, Street Fighter II and Daytona Usa.
I finally had the chance to try the new Playstation VR and I must say that I was impress by the technology even though the game they had wasn't particularly fun to play.
I also had fun playing Steel Battalion with a very complex control board but in my opinion you need some time to learn all the controls in order to enjoy it properly.

To say the truth, I was expecting something more spectacular and scenic for how much they advertised it, but, in the overall, I had fun and it made me nostalgically re-live good old memories.
My only small critic is that they didn't put anything about Metal Gear Solid, Mortal Kombat, GTA2 and the Game Boy.

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