Trip to Venice

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I visited Venice several times but every time is always like the first one: from the moment I step out of the train station up to

Connect a Soil Moisture Sensor to AWS Iot

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Connect a Soil moisture sensor to AWS Iot platform! Check out my new github repository: blascone/AwsSoilSensorAwsSoilSensor - Script that collects the measurements from the soil

Moto trip in Val D'Orcia

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Val D'Orcia is a beautiful region of Tuscany where to go for a ride with your motorbike. I personally recommend it and suggest to plan at

Game On 2.0

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Game On 2.0 is an exhibition on video games that is taken place in Rome these days. It started 15 years ago in London and

Get started with Docker on CentOS 7

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Why Docker? Setup Docker Let's get started Why Docker? Docker containers wrap a piece of software in a complete filesystem that contains everything needed to run: